Planned events and engagements

My life is different without my soul mate, life partner, lover and best friend Sylvia, who died on May 27, 2013, but perhaps the best way to honor her memory is to soldier on as she would have wanted me to.  Her spirit is with me and guides me in all things.

I’ve begun to catch up on posting travel blogs from the past year.   Thanks for your patience.

I’ll be in NYC in early June for my 60th (!) college reunion at Columbia.  Later in the month I’ll be on a singing tour in Spain with the VOICES community chorus — Bilbao, San Sebastian and Barcelona.   July, I’ll spend in Canada, first at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, then up by Algonquin Park.  In the middle of the month I’ll duck back into the U.S. for a couple of days in the Adirondacks with six guys with whom I’ve been friends since fourth grade!   Sadly, we were eight ’til earlier this year when we lost one.  But the rest of us are still vertical, praise the Lord.   In August I’m going to make a crossing on the QM2 to fulfill a promise to Sylvia.   She’d been in 83 countries by the time she died; she asked that I scatter her ashes in the middle of the ocean so that in her words, “I can visit all the countries I may have missed!”   Then I’ll spend a week in the U.K. visiting with a few members of her family.   Busy summer, huh?

Life is good.   And obviously my motto remains, “As long as the wheels stay on, you’ve gotta keep rolling!”