Wales to England Day 4

Chris came over to set my GPS for me, technological incompetent that I am. Emma and the boys, Ethan and Jaden, came with him. Ethan, who’s about 12, is startlingly bigger than I remember him from last year. He’s really beginning to look like a rugby player.

It was raining most of the way up to Ralph and Sue’s in Surrey. (Ralph is Sylvia’s sister’s son, our nephew.) As I was crossing over the Severn, the BBC Wales radio commentator described the weather as “blustery, wet, and ‘orrible.” It was as though the bridge were suspended in the fog.

I drove with extreme care, but still made it in three hours and a bit, not far off what the GPS had predicted. The rain had let up by the time I got to their impressive house that Ralph finished building a couple of years ago. To my surprise, I learned that they were trying to sell it. I imagine they’ll make quite a profit on it, because Ralph had done a good deal of the work himself and acted as his own general contractor for the rest. They’ve found a house nearby that they like even better. It needs some more of Ralph’s finishing touches, but it has a swimming pool.

We had dinner with two friends of theirs, a couple who’d lived in the U.S. near Chicago for a spell. He’s a psychologist who works in Her Majesty’s prison system (imagine what a challenge that must be) and she’s an executive with BP. Nice folks, nice evening.

Sue and I stayed up to watch the Olympic gold medal match in soccer between Germany and Brazil, which went to a shootout and was won by the home team on the last shot, scored appropriately enough by Brazil’s biggest star. It was worth staying up for to see the frenzied celebration of the Brazilian crowd who filled every seat in the stadium.

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