Wales Day 3

Another sunny day, a miracle in Wales! The waitress led me to sit by the window. “When we get a sunny day in Wales, we need to take advantage of it,” she said.

After breakfast I walked down into the little town, about a mile and a half, and bought a book at the cancer charity shop. I hurried back up the hill to shower again and change. Lyn picked me up at 11:30 for a noon meeting with a lady at the main cancer hospital, who was more than enthusiastic. I think she sort of wished that something like this would have been available when she had been a young nurse! She quickly got what we are trying to do and made the excellent suggestion that the best place to recruit candidates who meet our specs will be the students who will graduate from the nursing academy in September. They’re sure to be young and unencumbered with husbands or children and thus available to do six weeks in Chapel Hill. They’re probably also just in the process of considering a specialty. I used to tell our guys in advertising that how you know you have a good idea is when people don’t just nod agreement, they want to get involved, contribute thoughts to your plan and actively help you get it done. That was the case today.

I wanted to go back to the hotel to change out of my go-to-meeting clothes, so Lyn came back to get me at 1:30 and we went on to pick up Maureen at the children’s hospital (where she runs the gift shop) and have lunch. She had had a good day too and was in good form.

They dropped me off after lunch down in the town so I could have a prowl around and again walk up the hill to the hotel. I may not be using the gym as I should have been, but at least I’m walking a lot.

Again in the evening, Kev and Lyn and I went off for a couple of pints to a favorite pub of theirs, the Six Bells, a traditional pub down toward the marshlands. You can smell the sea and hear the gulls screaming.

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