Hello and welcome!

Hi! Welcome to my little space in the Cyberworld. Thanks for the compliment of your interest. What you’ll find here: lots of things I’ve written over time (mostly about marketing and advertising), a few interviews and videotaped presentations (check under the “Library” heading for the latter), links to other sites I’ve found interesting and/or useful, and a travel blog where you can track our peripatetic wanderings.

Sometimes people say to me, “Gee, how can you put all your stuff on the web? Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your ideas?” On the contrary, I’d be terribly disappointed if people didn’t find my thinking interesting enough to reference or borrow from or adapt. Use anything you find that you like, with my blessing and thanks.

I’d welcome your response, too, whether you agree or disagree with or want to expand on something I’ve said.

C’mon in, stay as long as you like, and have fun!

Cheers, Bob L

PS: People are still saying nice things about our labor-of-love book “Print Matters: How to Write Great Advertising.” Check under the Publications heading for a few words about it and an excerpt.